Wilton Community Power Press Release

Wilton Community Power Press Release
Posted on 01/19/2024

Eversource has announced that in February it plans on decreasing their default rate from 12.58 cents per kilowatt hour to 8.285 cents per kilowatt hour for the supply portion of the bill, a decrease of 4.29 cents (or approximately 35%). To compare this to the Wilton Community Power Plan launched in 2023, the Wilton Plan’s default rate is 11.470 cents per kilowatt hour and will stay at this rate until December 2025. Eversource’s new rate will go into effect in February and will be available to customers for six months before Eversource will go out to bid again.

Given that there is a savings available to residents on the Eversource default rate compared to the Community Power Plan, the Town of Wilton would like to emphasize a few points for residents:

Firstly, one of the primary goals of Wilton’s Community Power Plan was to provide residents with a predictable and reliable energy cost over the long term and can be beneficial to residents who do not want to watch the energy market closely and frequently change suppliers.

Secondly, the Wilton Community Power Plan is not binding and customers can join and leave at any time with no penalties. For many years, energy customers have had choices in their energy supplier and community power does not change that. Customers may opt out at any time and change to Eversource or another supplier. To do this, you must first contact Wilton Community Power to opt out: https://wiltoncommunitypower.com/opt-out/

          *However, customers who opt to use a different supplier are advised to monitor supply rate changes to see if they increase in the future, and be aware that some third-party supplier contracts impose penalties for leaving early.

Thirdly, customers who have been participating in the Wilton Community Power Plan have been paying a lower supply rate than the Eversource default rate from their enrollment until February. 

Please contact Nick Germain, Town Administrator at (603) 654-3299 or [email protected] if you have any questions.


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