Community Power Aggregation Committee

Program Update as of July 27th

The Public Utilities Commission still hasn’t approved any plan from any community yet, as they are still waiting to adopt rules for the program.  The next PUC meeting is on July 27th, and addressing rulemaking is finally on the agenda, so hopefully we will see some progress and can proceed with getting Wilton’s plan approved.

In addition, recently the PUC rejected Keene’s plan based on the lack of well-defined data protections. Our partners are going to submit an addendum to the Wilton plan for the Select Board to approve and implement to address these data control issues.

We will post updates on this page as things progress.  For questions, feel free to contact our Town Administrator Nick Germain at [email protected].

On November 1
st, 2021, Wilton’s Select Board established a new Community Power Aggregation Committee. The purpose of this effort is to consider new municipal power aggregation opportunities provided for New Hampshire communities by recently passed state legislation. This committee will consist of no more than 7 members, and will meet with vetted subject matter experts to discuss possibilities.  

Current members include:

Rachel Chumbley
Michael Dell'Orto
Jerry Humphrey
Ric Lavelle
Kermit Williams, Select Board Representative
John Zavgren

Public Input Needed!

SurveyThe Committee has released a Community Survey and scheduled Public Hearings for January 24th at noon and 5:30 to gather input on a Community Power program for Wilton. The Committee is working with the consulting team of Standard Power and Good Energy to help develop its Plan in time for voters to consider at Town meeting in March.

The survey will take only a few minutes, and is completely anonymous.  You can complete the survey as a resident, business owner, or both. Note that paper copies of the survey are also available at the Wilton Town Hall and Library.

To complete the survey, click 

Q:  What is Community Power Aggregation?

Community Power Aggregation is a way for rate payers in a given community – the local government buyers, businesses, non-profits, and residents alike – to optionally combine their electricity usage together and negotiate how they receive power. As a collective group, participants are then able to leverage their aggregated buying power for desirable rates and greater control over the ultimate source of their electricity supply. This is an option to potentially save money and/or to advance sustainability goals.  

Q: As a resident, business, or property owner… would I be FORCED to participate?

NO! Should a community power aggregation group be established in Wilton, there would be clear opt-in or opt-out policies. But this is why participation in this committee is important: The Committee could very well have a huge role to play in crafting the rules for a potential aggregation group participation.

Q: Why is a committee needed to look into these topics?

Because there are many options and subjects to consider. Potentially the entire process could be tailored to fit Wilton’s local needs.

Q: If this went forward, would only one option be available?

NO. One of the key benefits of an aggregation group is that it is very customizable:  The group could choose say, three rates of power: One that maximizes renewable energy, one that emphasizes a mix, and one that maximizes savings for rate payers.   

Q: Wait, how is it possible for this to save money?

Due to the intricacies of electricity markets in the United States, chances are high you or your neighbor are currently buying electricity through the default standard rate set by your utility company. This standard rate fluctuates periodically based on larger market demands and is generally favorable to the local utility provider. Likewise, if you participate individually in a competitive provider option, oftentimes you’re not accessing the best rate or options possible: The bulk participation of an aggregation -group as a collective buyer can represent considerable leverage.

Q: I don’t see any massive solar or hydropower dams nearby… how could such a group support renewable sources here?

Although the electrons powering your property may in literal terms come from regional utility scale electricity producers, power in the country is ultimately carefully tracked and sold on abstract marketplaces. This means an aggregation group could choose options that support renewable energy sources of their choice over less green ones as an option.



Wilton NH Community Power Plan

Public Hearing Details

Public Hearing Slides!

Public Input Survey Results (As of 1/25/2022)



RSA 53-E - NH Community Power Law


Nick Germain (Town Administrator)
[email protected]

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