Recycling Center Volunteer Corps

Creation of the Wilton Recycling Center Volunteer Corps!
Posted on 06/07/2019
!On June 1st several dedicated volunteers met at the Wilton Recycling Center to tour the facility and discuss ways to improve its appearance and efficiency.  Attending were Paul Branscombe, Wilton Town Administrator; Stasia Millett co-organizer; Adam Royds, volunteer; Joe Broyles, general factotum;  Sandy Lafleur, co-organizer;  Robin Maloney, volunteer;  and Janice Pack, Wilton Administrative Assistant.

The group talked about their ideas including:

Planting perennials, shrubs and tress
Scraping and re-painting the buildings
Creating an outdoor washing station
New, clearer destination signage
Options for discouraging the pigeons that currently foul  the bailed paper in the lower tier
A new shed for the used goods area
Erecting a flagpole and flag
Provide paid attendants with a uniform t-shirt 
Creating a designated smoking area, and a public toilet

With so much to do, we urgently need more volunteers. If you would consider giving your time to helping with any of these tasks (or have other suggestions) please contact Stasia Millet (654-2186 or [email protected]) or Janice Pack (654-3299 or e-mail Janice).

Thank you!
Recycling Center Volunteers
Paul Branscombe, Stasia Millett, Adam Royds, Joe Broyles,  Sandy Lafleur (photo courtesy of Jessie Salisbury)

Jessie and Janice
Jessie Salisbury and Janice Pack recycle!
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