Get the Scoop on Poop!

Sirius Temple
Sirius, our spokes-pooch, is serious about keeping our waterways clean!

We love our Dogs but dog waste carries harmful microorganisms that make our waters unsafe for swimming and drinking. Picking it up and disposing of poop has a major benefit, especially in paved areas and near streams and lakes!!

Wilton has over 900 dogs and each dog “goes” once or twice each and every day! Not only is that gross when left around, it can be dangerous!  Harmful bacteria such as Giardia or Salmonella that live in pet waste can come into contact with people or other pets or wash in to waterways and storm drains.


Before there were two poop stations with bags and trash, Whiting Park had a problem with poop!  Check out this map of Whiting Park from 2015.


Take the Pledge to Scoop the Poop!

Yes! I pledge to scoop the poop every time to protect ourselves, our pooches, our waterways, and our community!


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