Stormwater Management

Wilton's Stormwater Program

Wilton riverscapeThe purpose of the EPA’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program is to mitigate the effects of storm water pollution.
Rainwater that falls on paved streets, lawns, parking lots, and sidewalks becomes polluted stormwater. The more impervious the surface, the more stormwater runoff and impact to receiving water bodies. Typical pollutants in stormwater are trash, oil, fertilizers, sediment, sand, and bacteria. In fact, 40% of known pollution to the nation’s waters is caused by stormwater.

Here is a map of the impacted waterways in Wilton.

Wilton must comply with the requirements of MS4, and we have submitted a Notice of Intent (NOI) to comply. Here are links to:
Wilton's NOI - the document that the EPA uses to determine if we can get a permit
Wilton's Letter from the EPA permitting discharge of stormwater
Check out other communities with MS4 Permits.
Wilton's Stormwater Management Plan
Souhegan River Watershed Master Plan

We have six ways we are working to clean up the stormwater in Wilton before it reaches our beautiful riverways.

1. Education

Get the Scoop on Poop! - Information from our Spokes-pooch for Dog Owners
Get Pumped! - Information for Homeowners with Septic Systems
Green Grass Clear Water - Information on how to maintain a healthy lawn and a healthy river

2. Public Involvement

2021 - coming sooner than you think!

Michele Decoteau, Stormwater Manager was on the Podcast: Before the Checks are Signed March 4, 2020, discussing stormwater and the MS4 Permit. Listen here!

Town meeting presentation on Stormwater - coming soon!

The presentation summarizes Wilton’s stormwater program plans and was approved at the Select Board meeting on October 22, 2018. Wilton's Stormwater Program presentation

3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) - coming soon!

IDDE regulations
SSO Inventory
Stormwater system mapping

4. Stormwater Management at Construction Sites

Stormwater regulations for new construction - Section H of the Wilton Land Use Regulations addresses stormwater for new construction. 

5. Post Construction Stormwater Management - coming soon!

Stormwater regulations for Post -construction
Green infrastructure

6. Good Housekeeping

Operation and Maintenance for Town-owned properties

Every year, Wilton will have an Annual Report due to the EPA and NH Department of Environmental Services. 
Annual Report Year 1
Annual Report Year 2

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