Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Lot opening cost: Weekday Full burial - $300 Weekday Urn burial - $125

There is an additional charge of $125 for burials on Weekends and Holidays (full or urn burial).

Prices will be substantially higher if, with permission of the Trustees, a winter burial should occur.

When you need to schedule an opening, please call the Wilton DPW Director at (603) 654-6602. At least 2 days (48 hours) notice is required.

The Overseer of Cemeteries is the Wilton DPW Director.

Purpose and Intent

For the mutual protection of lot owners and the Wilton Town Cemeteries as a whole, the following rules and regulations are hereby established for Laurel Hill, South Yard and Vale End Cemeteries and all town managed cemeteries. All lot owners and persons visiting the cemeteries will be expected to abide by such rules and regulations as herein enacted and as hereafter amended, which are intended to assist in maintaining these cemeteries as a peaceful and beautiful area as well as a reverent symbol of respect for the dead.

Section I. Rules

These rules are established in accordance with New Hampshire RSA 289 Cemeteries/Burials.

  1. Burials will be permitted, except as noted in Section II. B below, at all times during the “Normal Burial Period” of April 15th through December 1st of the calendar year unless there is a significant snowfall after April 15th or prior to December 1st making lot determination uncertain.

  2. There will be no burials on Sundays or any day observed as a Holiday by the Town of Wilton.

  3. Funeral Directors are required to give a 48 hour notice to the Wilton DPW Director prior to burial.

  4. One full body burial, (when/if placed prior to any/all cremation burials) two infant burials or four individual urn burials per grave lot will be allowed. Any request beyond what is permitted can be reviewed by the Cemetery Board of Trustees.

  5. All full body burials shall be enclosed in a permanent outside container such as a concrete vault, concrete one piece top grave liner or metal vault.

  6. No animal carcass will be buried in any cemetery proper. Animals may be cremated and buried in a permanent outside container within an existing lot.

Section II. Sale of Lots

  1. The purchase of a cemetery lot is the purchase of the right of burial in the lot selected and the Right to Inter document does not imply ownership of the land in which a grave is contained.

  2. The prices of cemetery lots are as follow: One grave lots - $450; two grave lots - $900; three grave lots - $1350 ;four grave lots - $1800. General care is included in the price of the lot. General care includes raking, mowing, seeding, fertilizing, liming, grub control, etc. when necessary. Payment for lots will be made to the Trustee of the Trust Funds. Payment must be made in full at the time of purchase if purchase is pre-need. Payment must be made within 60 days if the purchase of the lot is at the time of need.

  3. Lots may be purchased by any current resident of Wilton, previous residents with proof of 10 years or more of Wilton residency, immediate family members of current Wilton residents or immediate family members of previous residents with proof of 10 years or more of Wilton residency. “Immediate family member” is defined as parent, child, legal guardian or ward.

  4. Any request to purchase greater than four (4) grave lots per person/family will require the review and approval of the Board of Cemetery Trustees.

Section III. Markers and Monuments

  1. No monument, cenotaph, headstone or other structure may be erected or placed in the cemetery without a proper foundation approved by the Wilton DPW Director.

  2. With respect to markers, monuments or other memorial structures, the following maximum measurements shall apply:

    1. On single or two grave lots a monument shall be allowed with a base not exceed three (3) feet wide by one (1) foot deep and the total height shall not exceed three (3) feet. All monuments must be placed at “Head” of individual lots.

    2. On lots containing three or more graves a traditional monument shall be allowed with a base not to exceed five (5) feet wide by two (2) feet deep and a total height not to exceed forty-two (42) inches.

    3. Flush markers for individual graves should be placed at the foot end of said grave. No more than two “Flush” markers are allowed per grave lot. Flush (marker(s) must not exceed one foot wide and two feet long.

    4. Any marker type not identified in these rules will require review and approval of the Board of Cemetery Trustees.

Section IV. Landscaping and Decorations

  1. Planting of trees and shrubs is prohibited.

  2. No fence, curbing, or flowers shall be placed around the perimeter of any lot.

  3. Flowers or a plant in a sturdy container may be placed adjacent to a marker. Only one (1) such container is allowed per marker. Each lot may have one (1) plant hanger. When floral arrangements or plants no longer appear respectful for cemetery grounds, they will be discarded by the Overseer of Cemeteries.

  4. Re-grading of any lot is prohibited. Grading may only be done under direction of the Overseer of Cemeteries.

  5. No decorative landscaping stones are permitted on any lot.

  6. No novelty items or items that create nighttime illumination are allowed on headstones or lots.

  7. The Overseer of Cemeteries has the right to remove non-conforming items from any lot after an attempt has been made to contact the lot owner of record to remove said item(s).

  8. All work done in the cemetery by lot owners, their aides or employees requires permission from the Wilton DPW Director, and will be under the supervision of the Overseer of Cemeteries. All waste and rubbish resulting from this work will be removed by the lot owner, their aides, or their employees.

  9. S One small flag per marker is permitted with the understanding that the Overseer of Cemeteries has the right to remove them at a later date if necessary for maintenance. Flags which are torn, weather beaten, or have deteriorated will be removed. Flags may be displayed from 15 May – 15 October each year; The Overseer of the Cemeteries or their designee(s) will remove the flags after the 15th of October.

  10. All other items left at the lot site after 30 days post burial will be removed by the Overseer of the Cemeteries or their designee(s) and discarded.

Section V. Forfeiture Procedures

Spaces unused for a period of 50 years will be subject to forfeiture procedures in accordance with RSA 289:18.

Requests for consideration to alter any of the above rules can be submitted to the Wilton Cemetery Board of Trustees.

Revised 10/20/2015

Revised 03/29/2023


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