Eversource NH Statewide Aerial Patrols -

Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29


The Wilton Conservation Commission would like to announce the "Wild Wilton Photo Contest" with a prize of $1000 which is open to Wilton residents only.  Follow the link to the WCC webpage.  You can also request more information through the email address.  Look under "Quick Links" to see the flyer!

Deadline for submissions is August 1st. _________________________________________________________

Per State of NH RSA Section 466:1

Dogs were due to be licensed by April 30th.

If you haven't licensed your dog, please do so ASAP!

Late fees will apply starting June 1st.

Extra penality fees beginning August 1st!


Wilton residents who are interested in joining the Energy

Committee should contact Rick Swanson.