Notice to Wilton Residents  

2017 Candidate Filing Information   
for Positions to be Voted on at the   
March 14th, 2017 Town Elections   
 Filing period begins   
Wednesday January 25th, 2017   
Friday February 3rd, 2017 at 5PM.   


       Selectmen - 3 yr (1 position)                                        

       Selectmen - 2 yr (1 position)                                        

       Town Clerk - 3 yr (1 position)                                       

       Treasurer - 1 yr (1 position)                               

       Trustee of Trust Funds - 3 yr (1 position)                   

       Trustee of Trust Funds - 2 yr (1 position)                   

       Planning Board - 3 yr (2 positions)

       Water Commission - 3 yr (1 position)               

       Sewer Commission - 3 yr (1 position)               

       Cemetery Trustee - 3 yr (1 position)                 

       Library Trustee - 3 yr (1 position)



Need Volunteer for Recycling Committee

The Town of Wilton is looking for a volunteer to be our representative on the five town Recycling Committee that is tasked with promoting recycling within the communities.  The goal is to remove as much from the waste stream as we can to protect the environment and generate less waste that has to be sent to a landfill or incinerator.  The more we recycle, the more we can lower our waste disposal costs.  We are looking for an individual that is passionate about improving our recycling efforts, advising on how to continually improve operations and processes, and to help educate the general public on the advantages of recycling.  If you are interested in becoming Wilton’s representative on the Recycling Committee, express your interest by sending Town Administrator Scott Butcher an e-mail at


Good Advice from Our Insurance Carrier

 With the recent stretch of very cold weather we have had several reports of frozen pipes bursting and causing extensive water damage.

Here are a few reminders:

• Keep building temperatures as consistent as possible, never less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Insulate areas where water supply lines are located and eliminate drafts.

• If you have water pipes in basements, crawl spaces, or outside walls, insulate the pipes, using pipe-sleeves or other insulating material.

• Allow warm air to circulate by opening up doors to closets and cabinets where pipe chases are located.

• On at least a daily basis, all areas of the building should be monitored for open windows, heating failures and water leaks. This especially includes nights, weekends, and school breaks.

• Know how to shut off the water supply.

If you suspect that a pipe is particularly susceptible to freezing, as an emergency measure, leave water running at a trickle to prevent freezing. This is never recommended as a permanent measure and should be monitored frequently.

Have a plan in place for responding to water leaks and heating failures. You should have a plan for safely thawing any pipe you believe to be frozen; however, if you are unsure, call a professional. Never use torches or devices with open flames to thaw frozen pipes.



Wilton residents who are interested in joining the Energy

Committee should contact Rick Swanson.