2020 Town Candidate Profiles

This page includes profiles and pictures for those running for town offices in 2020, if the candidates choose to submit them. We will continue to update this as new profiles are received, and don't forget to vote on March 10th!

Select Board (3-years)

Ralph Buschmann

Ralph BuschmannWhy are you running for this specific position?

To reduce contentiousness that crops up periodically, fully represent all Wilton residents, and ensure that the governing State Statutes are not misinterpreted.

What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

47 years in industry has taught me how to manage budgets, work effectively with groups and committees, listen to all ideas, frustrations, and requests, and always show respect.

What’s one thing you would like to change about Wilton?

 Encourage greater participation in town government.

 What’s your favorite thing about Wilton?

 The rural character.

Kermit Williams (Incumbent)

Kermit WilliamsWhy are you running for this specific position?

 Having served as a selectman for 6 years, I believe I have the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to do this job well. While progress has been made in Wilton’s government, there are many projects still to complete and problems that still need to be solved. I want to ensure sound and fair decision-making for the citizens of Wilton.

 What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

 Having held this position for two terms, I am the most experienced member of the board. with  a deep understanding of the many issues that face our town.. Over the years, I have been able to clarify and explain warrant articles, laws, and make trade-offs that best benefit our residents. As one of Wilton’s State Representatives, I understand state law as it applies to municipal government, and can bring valuable resources to our town and guide projects to their successful conclusion.

 What’s one thing would you like to change about Wilton?

 If I could wave a magic wand, I would make Wilton a more successful retail location. While we have some great food places now, we need another dinner restaurant, hopefully a full service place with room for a bar and entertainment. I want to see Main Street businesses grow and succeed so residents can benefit from shopping nearby. While Wilton folks have adjusted by shopping and dining in Milford and Peterborough, there is no substitute for good service right here at home. And business growth can only benefit our tax rate.

 What’s your favorite thing about Wilton?

 It’s impossible for me to name just one. It’s a beautiful place, from hilltop scenery to waterside views to classic architecture and a rich history. It’s a helpful place, with great services like the library and theater, and people who will always support you.  It’s a welcoming place, friendly and open. I have lived all over New England, but Wilton is the only place I ever called home.

Treasurer (1-year)

DJ Garcia (Incumbent)

DJ GarciaWhy are you running for this specific position?

 I am running for reelection because I enjoy being involved with the town’s finances.  I like the responsibility and the importance of being fiscally responsible and making a difference in local government.  Investing is a passion of mine and this gives me an opportunity to benefit my community while making wise financial decisions.

 What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

 Since this will be my second term as Treasurer, I bring a familiarity to the process and the office.  I have built relationships with both the elected and hired town positions and will be positioned to benefit Wilton better than any other candidate.  I also run a successful business and have a degree in Finance. 

 What’s one thing would you like to change about Wilton?

 I would love to be able to bring more people into the local government.  In a time of such polarizing national politics and opinions we need more community involvement but our turnouts have been dismal over the last three years.  More people will bring more ideas and more benefits will be enjoyed by all.  Also - we need more businesses in town! 

 What’s your favorite thing about Wilton?

 I love our quiet neighborhoods, beautiful scenery and all the great people that live here.  I have had the opportunity to meet many of my neighbors throughout my professional and political career and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  Stay awesome, Wiltonians!  

Planning Board (3-years)

Karon Walker (Incumbent)

Why are you running for this specific position?

 I have served on the Planning Board, including as its Vice Chair, for the past year.  I believe that I can build upon this experience, and the knowledge I have gained about the town, its zoning ordinance and the duties of the Planning Board, to help the town thoughtfully plot and implement the course of development here.

What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

 In addition to a year’s experience on the Planning Board, I have experience reviewing and drafting state law and regulations. I am detail-oriented, but appreciate the forest as well as the trees.

What’s one thing would you like to change about Wilton?

 If I could, I would increase significantly the level of community involvement in both Wilton’s schools and its town governance.

What’s your favorite thing(s) about Wilton?

 My neighbors and Nelson’s Candy Shop.

Stephanie Kirsch

KirschWhy are you running for this specific position?

Like anyone else, it’s personal. After getting married and having my first child, I realized the larger N.H. city I lived (and had grown up) in was not the kind of place I wanted to raise my child. I wanted somewhere serene, with room to grow. I fell in love with an old historic home in Wilton, and the charming little town it resided in. My family and I have been living happily for the past few years observing the town’s development, growth, and community. With now three children under my roof and my toes dipped a bit, I have their futures to think about and what their lives will be here in Wilton. Though I am considered a newer resident to town, I approach this position with the perspective that "I'm in it for the long haul" and won't be leaving town anytime soon!

What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

I hold my Bachelors in Architecture, and am working as a project manager for a local design/build firm. Needless to say, it's quite literally my career to "plan ahead" in the primarily commercial construction fields, and see projects through their design and construction into handing keys over on move-in day. Being familiar with the planning board process from my own "day job”, I understand the importance of such a position in the community, and strive to directly be a part of it.

What's one thing you would like to change about Wilton?

I can't say that there is much I would change about Wilton. The reason I fell in love with the town is its simplicity, its charm, its character and historical value. I do wish that Wilton had a little more "hustle and bustle" on main street like it used to have years ago. Seeing the empty shop windows saddens me, but with the proper planning, love and care I hope to see the community help fill in those empty spots with new history.

What's your favorite thing about Wilton?

Moving into a new town is a very hard thing to do. You give up your friends and family back home, and put your faith into a strange new place. The minute I moved into town, I was welcomed with open arms. Wilton is the kind of beautiful community where I had one neighbor show up on the first day to my front door with a plate of freshly baked cookies and a smile, offering to help us settle in. Within days I had people showing me the ropes, and have already over the years created relationships that I know will last a lifetime. In bigger cities, we seem to lose that neighborly love and sense of togetherness - people often get lost in the crowd. Here, I love the beauty where a name is remembered, and a neighbor will shovel snow out another’s driveway just because.


 Trustee of the Trust Funds (3-year)

 David Miller (Incumbent)

David Miller
Why are you running for this specific position?

 It is my way to contribute something to the Town.

 What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

 I have kept books for two non-profits (Hearthstone Community Association and Monadnock Community Land Trust) for over 30 years.   I have learned to use Microsoft Excel fairly well in the process.

 What’s one thing you would like to change about Wilton?

 I am not looking for change.  I am simply looking to keep careful watch over the Town’s savings.

 What’s your favorite thing about Wilton?

 I like the opportunity to live a rural life.  I heat my home with sunshine and wood, I tap a few maples for syrup, I keep a few chickens for eggs, and I maintain an organic garden.

Library Trustee (3-year)

Nikki Andrews (Incumbent)

Nikki AndrewsWhy are you running for this specific position?

 I believe that the position of Town Trustee of the Library offers a conduit for better communication between the citizens of Wilton and the Library. Because of the Library’s unique position as part of the town yet independent, too many misunderstandings have risen. I offer my services as a way to resolve the misunderstandings and move both entities forward.

What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

 Since 2014, I’ve served as a trustee of the Library. Before that I was a participant in many of its activities and fundraising efforts. My experience as a trustee and my long residence (22 years) in town provide a solid basis for the position. I am semi-retired and work from home, so I’m readily available to talk with people.

What’s one thing would you like to change about Wilton?

 Well, I could wish we were all as rich as Croesus so we could fund all the good work that needs to be done, and as wise as Solomon so we could all agree on that work. Realistically, I’d like to see better protection of our environment and sensible ways to increase our tax base.

What’s your favorite thing about Wilton?

 Just one thing? I have to say it’s the way the town seeks to preserve its heritage while dealing with the present and preparing for the future. 

Moderator (2-year)

Bill Keefe (Incumbent)

Bill KeefeWhy are you running for this specific position?

For 258 years Wilton has been governed by a traditional town meeting.  While we probably won’t be voting on raising the militia this year (it isn’t on the warrant), town meeting is a place where direct voter participation is possible and encouraged. It is a tradition worth fostering.

The other job of the Moderator is supervising elections with the help of a lot of really dedicated people. We try hard to keep waiting times short and the rules as fair as we can make them (consistent with volumes of ever changing state and federal laws.)  Our results have never been hacked.

What expertise or skills do you bring to the position?

I’ve been Moderator for the last 12 years.  Before that I was a Budget Committee member for about 20 years and also served on the WLC Budget Committee.  I’ve practiced law on Main Street for 40 years and knowing something about the law is helpful. Those 40 years on Main Street also contribute to some understanding of the history of long standing issues facing the Town and some of the often colorful personalities that shaped where we are now.

What’s one thing you would like to change about Wilton?

More people should attend town meeting and make their opinions known.  We are starting at 6:30 PM this year.

What’s your favorite thing about Wilton?

 Wilton still has a sense of place in our ever more homogenous world (not to mention the best movie popcorn anywhere!) 




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