The Spiral

The spiral!


Dear Stasia,


Thank-you so much for your work initiating the solstice spiral!  Having taught in the Waldorf philosophy for so many years, we always created an Advent Garden, which was a spiral of greens the students walked through with candles - placing them along the way or in the center. 

My daughter was here from San Francisco for 9 days for Christmas.  One very late afternoon we came along Main Street together and realized we needed to walk to the center.  We dug into the cooler of candles and matches, and then walked mindfully to the center, where we lit our candles, and all the rest that remained on the tray, as well.   We did this while naming each member of our family and intentions for them.  Then we walked out. 

Who would think!  This momentous thing had just happened for us, while cars continued to travel along Main Street, business as usual, and no one had noticed!  It was an important thing we did together while she was here and I wanted to thank you. 


Peace,  Linda Stowe-LaDouceur


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