A Christmas Joy

A Christmas Joy

As it can be, the holiday season was very busy for me this year.  This was the year that I was gifted with my adult children and two little grand babies returning home for Christmas.  I had committed to pet sitting for a client in Lyndeborough so she could be with her daughter during a scheduled surgery.  This also gave my husband, our daughter, her husband and me a place to stay.  We vacated our tiny condo so my son, his wife and baby daughter could sleep there while visiting.  Thus I traveled daily between Milford and Lyndeborough, passing through Wilton along the way. 

One very early morning, before morning light, I suddenly spotted the spiral of light in the park on the main street of Wilton.  I might never have noticed the park had it not been for the spiral.  I had experience with advent spirals from my children’s years at Pine Hill Waldorf School.  It was always an event that brought me joy. In the rush of my beginning day I drove right by, but then I thought, no go back, and give yourself the gift of walking the spiral.  I will forever be grateful that I did.  The sky was dark; the town was quiet, not awake and on the move like me.  I approached the spiral reverently, paused and said a prayer asking God to relieve me of the rush of body and mind and fill me with peace and the true spirit of Christmas.  I walked slowly one step at a time, one breath at a time, relaxing into the spiral and the gift of peace.  I walked into the hug of the spirals center, again saying a prayer of thanks for the gift of peace and joy I was experiencing.  I then walked slowly out, unwinding in the spiral.  During my walk not a car drove by; not another human being was in sight.  It was truly a precious period of time spent alone in thought with God, the quiet and the dark; lit only by stars and spiral.

I would like to thank the committee and volunteers that worked to give their community such a beautiful Christmas gift.  And as someone who does not live in Wilton, I thank you for spreading your light into my heart.  The light of your luminaria display is held there also.  Thank you for the tremendous contribution you made to my Christmas joy.

Winnie Robichaud, Milford NH

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