The database of significant trees is online

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October 15, 2015 - The Wilton-Lyndeborough Significant Trees Committee got together when a downtown Wilton neighborhood lost a very large, very old, Oak tree that perhaps might have been saved had there been an opportunity for public comment.

The committee's goal is to assemble a comprehensive list of trees significant to the community at large, to a neighborhood, or because they had historical, memorial, or honorary significance. It is our hope that by recording these trees and their significance, we enable and encourage a conversation to take place before another tree of potential significance is taken without comment.

We encourage your nominations for trees to be listed, and further, that this list at least be consulted, and a public conversation take place, before another such tree is removed.

This short list is the first visible step, after many hours of discussion and effort by the committee. We hope the community finds it worhthwhile.