Wilton-Lyndeborough Significant Trees Committee

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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this committee is to inform and educate the general public and governing bodies about the presence of important, significant trees and shrubs within the borders of our two towns. 

We will endeavor to promote a better understanding of the many benefits the trees can provide to our community. These benefits include:

  • creating a sense of place,
  • conserving energy and water,
  • trees provide beauty and ambience to our surroundings,
  • preventing soil deterioration and erosion,
  • they attract and provide food and shelter to wildlife.

Some less tangible equally important benefits include conveying cultural, sociological, biological and historical perspective regarding our role as citizens of our community. Trees are also beneficial to our economy on many levels, not the least of which is promoting tourism.

Committee Members

Name Title
Spencer C. Brookes II Member
W. Bart Hunter Member
Alison Meltzer Member
Bob Rogers Member
Jessie Salisbury Member
Jeffrey Stone Member
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