"Meet Up Spot"

For conducting safe internet based transactions!
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Buying and selling property over the internet has become very popular. The ability to post items on-line and connect with many potential buyers is very helpful and convenient. Unfortunately, it has also provided criminals with a golden opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting on-line shoppers. Crooks posing as either a buyer or seller will make arrangements to meet at a secluded location to conduct the transaction and then rob the individual. That is why we have designated a spot in the station's parking lot as a "MEET UP SPOT." The area is well lit and monitored by 24hr video surveillance. People can use this spot to meet and conduct their internet based transactions safely. The spot is marked by a green sign which was donated by OfferUp, an internet based company. We have officers on duty 24 hours a day so, if you decide to use this spot and still have concerns about the safety of the transaction, please don't hesitate to call us and ask that an officer stand by during the sale. We would much rather spend a few minutes insuring your security than spend hours on a criminal investigation