Planning Board

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***The 2/7 Planning Board Meeting has been cancelled due to inclement weather. All agenda items have been continued to 2/21***


***Please note that as of the new year (2018), Planning Board meetings will return to being in the Town Hall Court Room ***


Pre-2015 Wilton Planning Board Site


Planning Board Schedules and Deadlines

Board Members

Name Title
Sara Spittel Chairperson, 2016-2019
Jeffrey Kandt Vice-Chairman, 2017-2020
R. Neil Faiman Board Member, 2015-2018
Matthew Fish Board Member, 2017-2020
Alec MacMartin Board Member, 2015-2018
Tracey Ewing Board Member, 2016-2019
Kermit Williams Selectmen Represenative
W. Bart Hunter Alternate Member
Robert Silva Alternate member
Michele Decoteau Building & Land Use Administrator
Stephen Meno NRPC Circuit Rider

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Stephen Meno 603-424-2240 x25
Michele Decoteau 603-654-9451
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