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Meeting Date: 
September 23, 2014


The meeting was called to order on Sept. 23, 2014 at the Wilton Public and Gregg Free Library.  Because of work being done on the floor of the usual meeting room, Commission members met downstairs in the library.  Present were Stanley Young, Michael Dell’Orto, David Potter, Corinne Blagbrough, and Nancy Clark.

The July minutes were read and accepted as written.  The Treasurer reported all of the money in the town account had been spent on the Historic Wilton brochure.  About $400 remains in the private account.

Michael said he would be driving to Wiscasset to pick up the signs for Andy’s and the Church. 

Elmer has been interviewed and provided a great deal of interesting information.

The brochures at Town Hall sold out and have been replenished.  Brochures are also on sale at Dick Putnam’s and Marie’s and Frye’s Measure Mill.  Interest in the brochures has been high and they have been well received.  It was noted that it would be a good idea to sell the brochures at Town Meeting.

It was observed that many of the historic markers have been looking rather seedy – dirty and stained by the elements.  Commission members appointed an upcoming Saturday and will go out and clean the signs using a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth to remove the accumulated grime.  Signs were assigned to individuals to take care of.  The downtown signs are in good shape thanks to Dennis.

To summarize the Heritage Commission’s experience at Old Home Days – we didn’t receive much attention although we signed up a few new potential members for the Historical Society.  Most people turn out for a specific event – the Firemen’s Muster, a concert, horseshoes, the parade – so perhaps the best we can do is to maintain a presence on the outskirts of other events. 

On the matter of the ongoing oral history project, Michael and Dick Putnam are trying to find a time to meet.  Individuals who took part in specific chapters in the town’s history will be invited to speak about those experiences.  Judy Cahoon will be asked about the formation of the Sheldrick Forest.  Perhaps Leslie can provide details about the history of the Heald Tract.  It might be interesting to record a Seventh Day Adventist Tour of the LaJoies’ house. 

Stanley said he received a letter from Pam Atwood about a new town website.  Stanley said he wants to be able to direct people to the Heritage Commission site which is listed jointly on the library site with that of the Historical Society.

David mentioned the Stinson Sheet Metal building which is now owned by TDS.  It seems they have no plans to tear down the building which, nevertheless, needs a new roof and interior work.  The building is mentioned on the brochure and Stanley has been in search of the name of someone to talk to about the building’s condition before it deteriorates past saving and falls down of its own accord. 

David said that the movers would soon be returning all the furniture and boxes to the Historical Society’s meeting room, the floor refinishing having been completed. 

The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted, 

Nancy Clark, Secretary