Should Wilton Take a Stand on the Pipeline?

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The draft of the Committee's position statement on the pipeline will be reviewed at the next meeting, on Thursday, May 7, at 6:30 (in the Town Hall).


Here is the text that has been proposed for approval:


The Town of Wilton's Energy Committee is committed to developing a sustainable, environmentally responsible energy policy for the Town.


The Northeast Energy Direct (NED) natural gas pipeline project proposed by the Texas-based energy giant, Kinder Morgan, would construct 80 miles of  36" pipeline across the southern tier of the state. This is a plan  to bring natural  gas from the shale formations of Pennsylvania, through New York and into New England. The proposed route starts in northern Massachusetts, enters the Granite State in Winchester and stretches across the southern tier of the state through 17 communities, including the neighboring communities of Milford, Mason, Greenville, Amherst and Brookline.


The Energy Committee does not support the construction of the pipeline. An expansion of natural gas infrastructure would  be harmful in its own right: it will require the seizure of property by eminent domain, threaten wells, aquifers, and rivers, degrade air quality and create the potential for spills and explosions. It will decrease property values.  It would present an obstacle to implementing existing technologies for renewable energy. It will discourage investment in developing clean energy . It encourages the continued and environmentally destructive process of extracting natural gas by fracking. The pipeline is a bad idea.  It provides benefit to Kinder Morgan and the gas producers but questionable if any benefit to the State.