Press release -- Wilton Riverwalk Opening Ceremony Sept 29th

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For Immediate Release

September 8, 2017

Wilton Riverwalk Opening Ceremony Sept 29th.

Wilton, NH – The town will celebrate the new Stony Brook Riverwalk September 29th at 6:00PM when the new lights blink on and the Temple Dance Band hits the high notes. The public is welcome to join the festivities which include free refreshments, music and a thank you to the first donors of granite benches along the river edge. The Wilton Heritage Commission is sponsoring the opening ceremonies along with the Sky Bridge Café and Double-D-Dogs.

Young shade trees take their place riverside again with the hopes that residents will find a place to tell stories and enjoy watching the wildlife. A great blue heron has been observing the construction along with shoreline birds, a mink, and a baby otter. Residents fish the river off the edge by the police station and sometimes you’ll see dog owners watching the wildlife along with their pets.  The hope is more people will take the time to appreciate these precious rivers and dare to park there and walk onto Main Street where more and more shops and restaurants are creating worthwhile attractions.

“Downtown Wilton has been a drive-through, one-errand-experience for far too long,” says Jennifer Beck, Chair of the Wilton Economic Development Team. “One of the the Plan NH charrette recommendations, conducted this past July, was to design a different experience in the expanded Wilton Village area, connecting walking trails and sidewalks from Carnival Hill to Main Street.”

Both Stony Brook and the Souhegan River are protected waterways and hark back to Wilton’s history as a booming mill town.  The rivers converge at the down town bridge. Future plans are to link the new Stony Brook walkway with the River View Mill, carving a walkway and overlooks all along the Souhegan through the Main Street Park and back along the shoreline to the artists’ mill. The pathway will bring visitors back onto Main Street proper inviting them to shop, eat and gather in more green spaces, then continue along the river’s edge to connect with more shops and art studios.

“The good people of Wilton approved a warrant article last March, to use a portion of the Cooley Park Capital Improvement Fund to begin phase 1 of this project by the police station, said Beck. So far we’ve built a town that ignores our rivers. This project was a small step, but a place to start and test public support to change that.”

Contact: Jennifer Beck

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