Press release ` Business Retention and Expansion Program

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News Release:


Wilton Launches First Initiative in Revitalized Economic Development Effort

Town Accepted Into University of New Hampshire Program


August 19 Wilton, N.H. The town of Wilton will be implementing a local economic development program starting this fall and continuing into 2017, according to Jennifer Beck, Chair of the Wilton Economic Development Team.  The team will be working with University of New Hampshire’s Cooperative Extension Program to survey Wilton’s business community and identify priority projects to help support the town’s business interests.

“This initiative is a great first step for the Wilton Economic Development Team”, said Dan Donovan, Wilton Select Board Representative on the team. “There is nothing more essential to economic growth than helping our existing businesses thrive and expand in Wilton, and we hope this cooperation with the University of New Hampshire will yield great, long term results for our town”, he continued.

The main objective of the Business Retention and Expansion program is to assist existing businesses within Wilton to thrive.  Helping firms become more competitive increases the chances of those firms staying and expanding in the community. Andre Garron, State Specialist, Economic Development said that the focus of the program is on assisting existing businesses rather than attracting new ones because existing businesses account for about 70-80 percent of all new jobs in the US.

To assist existing businesses, volunteer visitors, who will be selectively recruited and trained on the program during the next several months, will visit a diversity of local businesses to gather information. The volunteers will use a prepared survey to identify, among other items, the businesses’ needs, criticisms, and concerns about the town. This information is reviewed by a local task force of community leaders, as well as economic development professionals, who will assist the Leadership Team and Taskforce to develop effective strategies to help improve the business environment.

The Wilton Economic Development Team is recruiting volunteers to visit selected businesses and conduct discussions and record survey data during the September to November timeframe. Citizens will visit in pairs for the 45 minute discussions. Two-hour training sessions will be held for interviewers the week of September 12th. Any Wilton resident interested in helping out should send an email to

Other local leaders serving on the Leadership Team are:

  1. Chair - Jennifer Beck
  2. Marketing - Jackie Kahle
  3. Business Research - Christine Devine and Tina Smith
  4. Business Resources - Dan Donovan
  5. Program Manager- Harry Dailey

The Task Force also includes the following community leaders: D.J. Garcia, Richard Putnam, Mike McGonegal and Nancy Clark, with several more to be added in the near future.

For further information about the program, contact Jennifer Beck at or at 603-654-5526. Press questions and interviews contact Jackie Kahle at