ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
September 7, 2016

ECO-DEV Leadership Team

September 14, 2016 Minutes

Present: Jennifer Beck, Harry Dailey, Tina Smith, Dan Donovan, MIke McGonegal, Nancy Clark, Dick Putnam

6:00 – Come to order. Introduction to Scott Butcher, our new Town Administrator. Discussed impressions of Wilton, preferences for communications, reporting, and operating principles for the team. Open invitation to weekly meetings on as needed basis.

6:30 – Sept 7 Minutes approved.

Open discussion about SWOT survey results.

Many agreed the perceptions were consistent but also expressed many old realities. Residents appreciated their small, rural town, quality of life experiences and history. Majority wanted a restaurant, coffee shop, basic convenience groceries and a pub/bar.

7:00 – Mike and Nancy took actions to identify marketing projects including a brand image articulation, new communications channels to residents and businesses, standing up a Facebook page for ECO-DEV hot linked off the town web page. Creating a link to the Merchants and Residents of Wilton FB page with over 400 followers.

One of our volunteers, Carissa Scenna is a market researcher and willing to help out on another mechanism to gather more info from residents.

8:00 Adjourn