ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
August 10, 2016

ECO-DEV Leadership Team

August 10, 2016 Minutes

Present: Jennifer Beck, Harry Dailey, Dan Donovan, Tina Smith, Chris Devine

6:00 – Checked status of taskforce recruitment. These are the additional individuals who will represent communities of interest around Wilton and help us organize volunteers, analyze data, identify red flags and prioritize projects over the next 6 months.

Discussed WMSA working relationship and will provide the Wilton business list to them when it’s complete. We’ll be sharing our charter and focus areas with them to avoid overlap and redundant work.

Finalized the focus areas from the master plan and the team’s additions. This should give us a good starting point to outline our areas of responsibility and communicate to the residents and business owners.

7:30 Divided up the list of businesses for validation. Discussed sources of volunteers to conduct the surveys. Noted the library is holding an event with SCORE and the WMSA about opening a business in Wilton. Concerns were expressed that we may not be ready with current data to do this, and these types of efforts should be coordinated and communicated. Kermit has this one in hand, but the ECO-DEV team would like to review the brochure and information the Planning Board is distributing. We also wondered what the process is for updating chapters in the master plan since some of the demographic and segment data is very old.

8:00 Adjourn