ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
November 27, 2017

ECO DEV Minutes

October/November Project Meetings Summary

Present: Jennifer Beck, Jackie Kahle, Mike McGonegal, Nancy Clark, Dick Putnam, Gail Hoar

Guests: Scott Butcher, Kermit Williams, NRPC: Jen Czysz, Stephen Meno

Status Report on ECO DEV projects:

The Team has been meeting with the Planning Board, Budget Committee, Select Board members, Town Administration, the Business Finance Authority, property owners of buildings on Main Street, and others, to further develop a long range plan for the town of Wilton. Meetings are set with CDFA, (Community Development Finance Authority) and other state sources of funding and block grants to help understand how to prioritize and gain support for the various ideas and projects under consideration. 

The NRPC (Nashua Regional Planning Commission) has just completed feasibility assessments and prioritization of the 32 projects that have been articulated from both resident and business surveys and interviews, the UNH study, and the community charrette*. We now have 32 defined projects under consideration in the following categories:

Connectivity – mixed use access improvements; sidewalks, riverwalk, traffic flow, bike lanes/racks, pedestrian wayfinding, tourist train, signage etc.

Streetscaping – Greening of Wilton, public art, façade improvements, etc.

Research – prototyping, resident and business wants and needs, trends, federal, state and private funding sources, etc.

Marketing – Wilton as destination, new website, social media strategy, etc.

Business Development – Property-match-making for under utilized buildings, Why Wilton package for small business, revenue viability model, etc.

Business Stimulation – Economic Revitalization Zones, community infrastructure for co-work space, incubators, think tanks, LLC start-ups, etc.

Regulatory – Promoting 79-E tax incentive, explore housing diversity, commercial district ordinance amendments, etc.

*The final Plan NH report is posted for public access and is the full, unedited set of recommendations with descriptions and graphics.

The public is always welcome and agendas are posted on the town website under Economic Development.  The Team is looking to add two new project manager/planning types to the core team now and will entertain anyone who is interested in getting involved in these various projects by serving on one of the project teams. Fewer Meetings. More Action.

If you’re interested or have any questions about the work this team is doing, you can contact us:

Send an email to

Call Jennifer Beck, Chair, ECO DEV Team at 654 5526

Wilton Economic Development Leadership Team

This team has been in place for two years and works as a sanctioned ad hoc committee under the Select Board. We hold no budget, but we make formal recommendations to other boards, committees and town departments. We strive to put the town residents’ and business owners’ preferences and requirements above our own individual interests. We work on your behalf to ensure Wilton is an economically healthy, vibrant social community where people can find affordable, rural living.  Our charter and focus areas are posted on the town website. If you’d like to join the 350 people who receive our e-newsletter (published when there is news) you can send a request to :

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Happy Holidays,

Your ECO DEV Team