ECO DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
May 15, 2017

ECO DEV Minutes

May 15, 2017

Present: Jennifer Beck, Mike McGonegal, Nancy Clark, Dick Putnam, Jackie Kahle, Chris Devine

Guests: Scott Butcher, Kellie-Sue Boissonnault

Plan NH - dates are July 21-22

We’ll have a set of questions for stakeholders (town depts.) to distribute and collect prior to the July sessions.

Riverwalk - Bid will be awarded to a Wilton electrical contractor Tuesday, May 30th. Site work will be done by Steve Elliot and the town crew. DES Permit is complete and will be submitted Tuesday as well.

Wilton Brand – We have a SurveyMonkey account now. Jackie will be setting up the brand survey she tested and mailing a notice to our list. If you have other people to add to that list, please get those names and emails to her ASAP. 

Digital Marketing - Developing a short proposal for merchants. WMSA can help distribute the test and collect feedback. They can use our list of retailers and cross-reference that with their own. I’m thinking their FB page may be the place to start with a full inventory of hours, locations, etc. As we’ve discussed, this information along with recreation, historic places, and restaurants, needs to get centralized so it can be searched and managed.

June 5th Meeting - Cynthia Harrington is presenting at 5:30. I’ve invited town employees and please feel free to invite your teams or anyone else you think would benefit. 

7:00 Adjourn