ECO DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
February 6, 2017

ECO DEV Minutes

February 6, 2017

Present: Jennifer Beck, Jackie Kahle, Mike McGonegal, Harry Dailey, Chris Devine, Tina Smith, Dick Putnam, Nancy Clark

Guest: Carissa Scenna (volunteer), Bill Maddocks (UNH)

5:30 – Reviewed survey status. Sent completed surveys off with Bill for data entry and analysis. Set date for campus review with UNH faculty for Feb 17th. This will be an invitational zoom meeting remote. The public is also welcome.

5:45 – Harry suggested we put a request $500 in the Select Board budget for mailings, survey tools, and project expenses.

6:00 – Discussion of strategy for our application for the design charrette with Plan NH. The questions are below:

How would you describe the community project for which your group or town is asking Plan NH to provide assistance? Please provide any appropriate information about the site's or area's geographical location, limits, and historic significance, current uses or unique features. Please indicate who owns or controls the use of the project site or area. How would the project enhance the health and vitality of your community?

What changes are occurring in your community that are having an impact on how you think about your future? How could this project address one or more of them? 

Your town has four distinct, yet inextricably-linked sectors: Social, economic, environmental, and governance. What vision does your community have for each of these, and what kinds of recommendations (for the target area or project) coming from the charrette process could support these visions – as well as the Vision Statement that is in your current Master Plan? 

Just as the four sectors (above) are interwoven, different sections of your community are also inter- related. Looking at your target area/project, what influence might it have on other parts of town, and how do other part of town affect this target area? Further, does this target area have any influence or impact on your bordering towns, or do they have any influence or impact on this target area/project or your town in general?

6:30 – Reviewed approach to several marketing projects to help introduce Wilton residents to their local stores and facilitate cross-selling and references. Once again, the hope was that the WMSA would take this on, but they say they don’t have resources. We offered talent on the ECO DEV team with those backgrounds, but they said they needed a full-time program manager to do this and were too busy with event planning.

7:00 - Adjourn