ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
November 29, 2016

ECO-DEV Minutes

November 29, 2016

Present: Jennifer Beck, Chris Devine, Harry Dailey, Tina Smith, Mike McGonegal

Guests: Kermit Williams, Pat Ficket, Carissa Scenna

5:30 – Quick update on business survey project. By the numbers: We started with 113 named businesses and 15 of those either were out of business, retired, moved, etc. Down to 98. We’ve completed 36 of those with a few about to come in. 8 have declined participation. The remaining 54 are either not responding to our requests for interviews or are being perused by diligent volunteers.

6:00 – Reviewed and consolidated project list. We’ve got 28 identified and will present this list and a budget to the selectmen December 12 in our update. The ECO-DEV will not hold a separate budget, but rather work through the Select Board and their approval of projects.

7:00 Discussion of funding sources and project priorities; the Cooley Park Fund may be available for Phase 1 of the river walk that was voted yes by residents at the exit polling Nov. 8th.

Request to present to Select Board to write up a warrant article to approve Chapter 79-E Community Revitalization Tax Incentive for downtown properties to upgrade facades, improve structures, etc.

Request to move several project associate marketing Main St businesses to the WMSA agenda and budget and to expand their charter beyond Main St.

7:30 Adjourn