ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
September 29, 2016

ECO-DEV Leadership Team

Sept 29, 2016 Minutes

Present: Jennifer Beck, Harry Dailey, Chris Devine, Jackie Kahle, Mike McGonegal, Nancy Clark, Dick Putnam

Public: Carissa Scenna, Pat Folz, Deb Mortvedt

Town: Scott Butcher

6:05 Come to Order

Approve minutes from Sept 19.

New business update: JB met with Ian McSweeny and High Mowing staff to discuss ECO-DEV and their participation. JB met with Ivy Vann, of the Peterborough Zoning Board and Carol Roberts, State Rep, to gain more understanding of what other towns are doing, resources available, and recommended reading.

Update on volunteer efforts with business survey. We need student volunteers and suggested a lunchtime training session to accommodate.

Next training is Oct 5 and 6 from 6-8PM at the fire station.

6:45 Asked Scott to look into inventory of commercial properties for sale and getting us an email address for ECO-DEV. Discussion of future of broadband, a new website strategy and how to determine what sources Wilton residents use for town news. Decided to do quick survey exiting voting polls.

7:00 – Discussion of marketing tactics to better engage residents and business owners. Jackie suggested a one-screen alert blast email to the DL we already have accumulated to keep people updated on progress and requests for volunteers, etc. Carissa will present a social media strategy. Mike and Nancy have developed some interesting possibilities for Wilton’s brand (Once and Once Again) Suggested doing a future view of the town center from Interval to Milford border and from 101 to FRES as demarcations of the downtown district.

7:30 – JB did a walk through of the draft presentation for the WMSA and Planning Board Oct 5th. Comments and changes should be sent to her.

Did update on the new NRPC project to focus efforts on downtown. Andre is aware and has spoken to Jen Czysz at NRPC to help coordinate efforts.

8:10 - Adjourn