ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
August 3, 2016

ECO-DEV Leadership Team

August 3, 2016 Minutes

Present: Jennifer Beck, Dan Donovan, Chris Devine, Harry Dailey, Jackie Kahle

From UNH: Andre Garron, Sharon Cowen, William Maddocks

6:00 The UNH Team reviewed the BRE project timeline and tasks. We’re focused on recruiting an additional 5-10 members to create the task force that will assist the team with the research, analysis and project prioritization over the next 6 months.

7:00 We identified communities of interest that represent the various groups of Wilton residents from business owners to young families with children in the schools, to the arts community, generational residents with deep roots and knowledge of our history, civic-minded citizens who donate their time for various programs, clubs, religious organizations, retirees, etc. all who have different requirements and ideas about their town. We also pulled Key Employment Sectors from the Reference data base provided by UNH:

  1. Retail trade
  2. Construction
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Wholesale trade
  5. Real estate & rental
  6. Professional, scientific, technical assistance
  7. Healthcare & social assistance

We want to ensure the task force working with the leadership team is representative of the diversity of our town. Recruitment of suggested members will happen over the next two weeks with those new members being asked to attend the August 17th meeting where we’ll finalize the business list to be surveyed, review the survey instrument to ensure it addresses the specific concerns of Wilton and develop the visitor list of some 50 additional volunteers to conduct the survey.

7:45 The team has requested the raw data from the Revitalize Wilton survey which resides with the NRPC. We’ll analyze that data and collect the names of Wilton residents who indicated an interest in volunteering for this effort. We’ll need them all in some capacity.

A draft timeline for the UNH project:  nd Date


1 Recruit survey task force     08/01/16 to 09/09/16

2 Train survey task force        09/12/16 to 09/16/16

3 Survey businesses              09/19/16 to 11/18/16

4 Review survey results         11/21/16 to 01/13/17

5 Create action plan               01/13/17 to 2/02/17

6 Present at Town Meeting           03/09/17

The next meeting is scheduled for August 10th from 6-8PM in the Town Hall. Meeting minutes and postings for August are up on the bulletin board in town hall. The team has requested a new page on the town website. The selectman have this request on their agenda for Monday, August 12.

8:00 Adjourn