ECO-DEV Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
July 27, 2016

Wilton ECO-DEV Leadership Team

July 27, 2016 Minutes

Present: Jennifer Beck, Dan Donovan, Harry Dailey, Chris Devine, Jackie Kahle

Guest: Andre Garron, UNH Coop Extension

Public: Mike McGonegal, Media Expert and Scout Leader

6:00 – Call to order, welcomed Andre who led us through the BRE’s (Business Retention & Expansion Visitation Program) three-step approach to complete the Wilton business survey which will bring us rich, current data on the health of Wilton’s business interests. This is a 3-step program beginning with setting up the leadership and task forces, scrubbing the business list to be surveyed and recruiting volunteers. Next UNH analyzes the data and conducts a campus review where we have the opportunity to discuss findings with other university participants. Finally, we create an action plan of 3-5 major projects aimed at retention and expansion of Wilton’s businesses. 

7:00 – Switched to continued review of the master plan objectives and findings and how they apply to the ECO DEV Team’s new charter and areas of responsibility.

Updated and finalized charter:

Our responsibilities are to set priorities, make recommendations, and guide the execution of programs and projects that help achieve the vision of Wilton residents to remain a vibrant and thriving small-town. Our goals are to protect its rural environment, historic charm, and natural resources; while promoting opportunities for a variety of residential and business additions that are compatible with, responsive to and supportive of the needs of the community and local economy.

The Leadership Team will be recruiting coordinators for the UNH study project in these 5 areas, overall coordination, visitation, business resources, milestones, and media. These task force members will assist the leadership team in these areas during the entire project and act as an extension of that more permanent team. We’ll be seeking appointments from both the community and those who indicated an interest in the Wilton Revitalization effort on the survey. Timing is in the next two weeks. Next we’ll need about 50 volunteers to be trained and assigned interview candidates for the businesses selected for visits. The plan, based on recruitment success, is to conduct these visits between Sept and mid November. If we don’t get the volunteers we need in time to train, we’ve been advised to push the work beyond the holidays and commence in January. The team felt a sense of urgency to get moving this Fall, if possible.

7:45 – reviewed actions for next meeting

8:00 – Adjourn