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Meeting Date: 
June 5, 2017

ECO-DEV Minutes

June 5, 2017


Present: Jennifer Beck, Jackie Kahle, Chris Devine, Mike McGonegal, Dick Putnam Nancy Clark, Scott Butcher

Guest speaker: Cynthia Harrington, NH ECO DEV

5:30 – Presentation by Cynthia Harrington on considerations for our team; importance of an externally-oriented website, recruiter database for available properties, her office’s resources, and observations about Wilton’s first impressions.

6:30 – Brand survey has 170 responses and has only been in the field for 2 weeks. 58% of respondents are from our mailing list. The others are from various social sites and forwarding from the core group.

Jackie shared the “Wordle”, from question 7 in the survey. It’s also known as a “word cloud” a graphic generated from the responses that show words in various type sizes based on how often they were used.

7:00 – Dick Putnam suggested we contact the three young men featured in Business NH Magazine’s Millennial issue who are locals and invite them to a focus group to explore what Wilton needs to do to attract and retain young people in our community.

7:15 – Approved copy for the Plan NH flyer for Summerfest. ECO DEV will have a booth in the park next to Conservation Commission and pancake tent.

7:30 Adjourn