Souhegan Watershed Flood Retarding Structure # 33

Locally known as the Dale Street Flood Control Dam
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  • Drainage area 640 Acres 
  • Storage 450 Acre-Feet 
  • Surface Area 12 Acres 
  • Dam Height 21 Feet 
  • Volume Filled 17836 Cubic Yards 
  • Dated 1973 
  • Built under the Watershed Protection & Flood Prevention Act. 
  • Built by NH Water Resource Board & Hillsborough County Conservation District 
  • With assistance from USDA – Soil Conservation Service
  • Above data taken from on-site plaque.

Directions to Site

  • Town Hall Wilton on Main Street 
  • Head west at dummy Main Street become Forest Road 
  • Masonic Hall, Library, Congregation Church 
  • Take a right on to Dale Street 
  • Go up Dale Street for about ½ mile. 
  • Dam is on the right.

Dale Street Flood Control Dam # 33,  On-site marker

Stand pipe for water outlet.

View from dam looking into holding pond. 
The stand pipe is located to the right of this picture.

Submitted by Spencer Brookes