Carnival Hill Monitoring Report - November, 2004

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It has been the policy of the Wilton Conservation Commission as managers of the Town of Wilton Conservation Properties to formally visit the site twice a year.  The site includes land that was acquired through an LCHIP grant as well as an earlier purchased parcel.

April 26, 2004 Walk

David Fitch, the farmer, reviewed his plans for the growing season 2004.  He planned to plow the southern field below the “New Orchard” area and seed it with a Sudan grass for a one year green crop.  The rest of the fields will remain in hay production.  Soil testing and fertilizer will added to the fields as needed.

Steve Elliott, Road Agent, discussed removing “New Orchard” as his crew had time and at no cost to the WCC.   A drainage pipe junction box on the lower field was found to be a hazard and Steve agreed to correct that as soon as the land was dry enough for reaching the site.

Spencer Brookes & Leslie Tallarico agreed to mark trees in the “OLD Orchard” that would be good to preserve for a visual impression of the historic view of an apple orchard from the Whiting Hill Road.  They also agreed to mark trees and bushes along the perimeter of the field that should be removed so that a good view of the field from the roadways was available.

October 18, 2004 Walk

Spencer Brookes & Leslie Tallarico reviewed the entire property with Laurence Coronis a new WCC member reviewing the boundaries about the Malcolmson's property, and the Clark’s property.  The road agent has removed 1/3 of the 400 New Orchard’s apple trees.  An “Adopt the Apple Tree” program of volunteers has pruned about 30 trees in the old orchard.  An article on the “Adopt a Tree” in the Nashua Telegraph by Jessie Salisbury, was picked up and reported in a USA TODAY edition.  The LCHIP sign was placed on the gate of the entrance road. Contract with the school has been issued for construction of two well houses in the hillside woodlot.  Winter crop has been seeded on area where Sudan grass was planted last year.  There were signs of ATV and vehicle use on the property.  Erosion damage on the property due to this use was very limited.  WCC and WJJA will review the lower field where the new ball park and attempt to limit access to the field by vehicles.  . A catch basin top, as noted in the April 26th walk, was installed by the Road Agent’s crew removing that hazard for the sleding season.  Some of the perimeter bush was removed increasing ability to view the field from the road.

S. C. Brookes, Monitor - WCC

Submitted by Spencer Brookes