Carnival Hill - June Update

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Apple blossoms have faded and dropped.  The apple crop is growing.  So is the hay!  The orchard looks so different from our first pruning day in April.  The trees look much better and all the cuttings have been piled for shelter for the little critters that live near your trees. 
The "A" row of trees have number tages.  There was a change in numbers for A-14 it is now A-15 and A-15 got changed to A-16.  Also A-2 is now A-17.  We did not get an A-2 printed and A-17 was removed. Other rows will get their tags as I have time. 
I wish to thank everyone who help in the restoration project.  To the right is a picture of A-4.  It is the only tree that sports a birdhouse. 

Other happenings....Carnival Hill - LCHIP sign was placed on the gate near the orchard. 
Remember to say hello to your tree as the summer progresses.  Take a look beyond the orchard and see the great tall grass of the fields. 

Submitted by Spencer Brookes