Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: 
October 19, 2017

WILTON COMMUNITY CENTER Monthly meeting October 19, 2017

 Wilton Community Center Board met on Oct. 19, 2017 at the home of Stasia Millett. Attending were Board members Sandy Lafleur and Stasia Millett, President Donna Crane and Treasurer Joanna K Eckstrom.
Joanna agreed to take the minutes tonight.
Donna called the meeting to order at 7PM A motion by Joanna, second by Sandy to approve last month’s minutes as written was unanimously voted.
Treasurer’s Report – Joanna did not have the bank statement however, said that there is approximately $9,500 in the bank. Check from Town of Wilton has been received.
Donna gave an extensive report on the recent FTT event. Overall, it was well-attended, fostered lots of good community spirit and new friendships but made very little, if any, money. Special thanks were extended to Alison Meltzer and Patsy Belt – they were real work-horses. Donna noted that board members were so busy in the kitchen that there was very little time to mingle with the attendees. There were lots of missed opportunities to connect. We will re-visit FTT before scheduling it next year; we welcome ideas that make event less labor intensive with a better ‘profit’.
Next event coming up is Health & Safety Day on 10/21 – Joanna said we are fairly well-set – participants are lined up, there’s been lots of publicity, smoke detectors are here, Nashua Public Health confirmed its very low cost for immunizations. Refreshments for event are drinks, cookies / snacks, candy – no frills. Whatever is not used can be carried over to other upcoming events. We all agreed that the Fire Department would keep remaining smoke detectors and distribute them as they see fit. Sandy visited FRES in advance of H&S Day. She met the new principal, Tim Connell, who is very excited about the event; Tim also offered FRES as a venue for other activities that WCC has planned. WCC will follow up on this offer.
Haunted Storyteller event on 10/28 – WCC has agreed to share the cost for Stone Reilly’s honorarium - $150 / 3. Donna will get check to WMSA.
Sandy posed a question to the group that we should all think about as we plan future programs, activities. The question – What do we do? Who do we serve? What is our purpose? There is a lot of cross-over between WCC and other local groups – we need to be able to define our ‘brand’ better.
We confirmed dates for holiday activities and talk about some options for future activities – wood land walks, historical presentations, etc.
We agreed to get an EDDM mailing done in 2017. Fund-raising and memberships have been lacking this year. The town’s contribution has been used to fund the printing and mailing. Donna will work on a draft EDDM for board members to review and comment.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 28 at 7PM at the Library. Stasia will reserve to space for us.
There being no other business, meeting adjourned at 8:50.
Respectfully, Joanna K Eckstrom